Large-eddy simulation study on wake effects of RV Polarstern and implications for in-situ measurments during MOSAiC (LeonA)

The project LeonA aims at investigating the possible effects of research vessel (RV) Polarstern on in-situ observations during the MOSAiC expedition.

Different meteorological conditions will be considered as observed during MOSAiC. In order to investigate these effects, we will conduct turbulence-resolving large-eddy simulations (LES) with explicit consideration of the ship as obstacle. Based on both idealized simulations with homogeneous surface and simulations with heterogeneous surface, taking into account the ship’s envelope, we will assess the representativeness of both static (e.g. tower measurement) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and study how they are possibly affected by the wake of RV Polarstern. This will be achieved by performing virtual measurements (VM) in the LES that mimic the in-situ observations.

The results from this project will contribute significantly to the quality control and the assessment of the representativeness of in-situ measurements during MOSAiC.

This project is funded by BMBF under grant 03F0871A - MOSAiC - LeonA