Welcome to the working group of Prof. Dr. Gunther Seckmeyer

Solar Radiation and Remote Sensing

Our interest is:

  • spatial and temporal distribution of solar radiation
  • biological, medical and energetic effects of solar radiation
  • development of novel instruments for the determination of different radiation quantities
  • automation of cloud observation by imaging techniques the optimized alignment of solar cells
  • influence of climate change on solar irradiance at ground level.

To this end, we maintain numerous international collaborations with research institutions and universities in Brazil, Chile, India, New Zealand, Thailand and the USA, among others.

Members of the working group have already carried out measurement campaigns in many different areas of the earth, for example in Chile, Greece, Spitsbergen, New Zealand and Antarctica.

MUlti DImensional Spectrometer MUDIS
Solar Radiation is our passion
King George Island , Antarctica
The great unknown in climate models: clouds