Meteorology Master

Master of Science - Meteorology

The program is aimed at prospective students who already have a bachelor's degree in meteorology or a closely related subject. The four-semester master's degree program builds on the basic knowledge acquired in the Bachelor degree program, allowing a personal profile form on one of the research areas offered. The independent, critical analysis of meteorological topics, as well as the presentation and critical discussion of scientific results form an important focus. The Master's degree allows entry into employment or a subsequent doctoral studies. In the first two semesters, students get to know all areas of research in seminars and the working groups of the institute.

In the first two semesters, students become acquainted with all research areas or working groups of the institute within the framework of seminars.

In the advanced internship, students have the opportunity to participate at a field measurement campaign, closely to their research, to plan this in advance together with the lecturers, as well as evaluate the measurement results with respect to the pre-determined questions using scientific methods. A major part of the courses is selectable the Master's program, being here lectures and internships in the fields of numerical weather prediction, contaminants, agricultural meteorology, atmospheric convection and turbulence or simulation of turbulent flows are available. An overview and detailed description of all modules listed in the table and selectable courses can be found in the module catalog.

In the 3rd and 4th semester a research topic is edited and the master program completed with the issuing thesis as part of the research phase. The admission requirement is an academic degree in meteorology or a closely related subject. Whether a degree program is to be regarded as closely related is checked individually when applying. More information on the latter case can be found under lateral entry Meteorology.

The Master's program is provided in german language. Some seminar talks can be given in english, too.

Language requirements in german are level B2. Details how to prove the level can be found here:  Proof of german language 

For further questions please feel free to contact the consultation meteorology.