History of the Institute

Institute 1959
1927Meteorology as a lectureship at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences by Prof. Dr. H. Seilkopf
1949Foundation of the Institute for Meteorology, Climatology and Greenhouse Science in Sarstedt at the University of Horticulture and Land Culture. The first director of the institute is Prof. Dr. phil. habil. W. Grundmann (April 01)
1950Move to Herrenhausen to the premises of the Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Culture
1951Start of meteorological records in Herrenhausen
1952Renamed "Institute for Meteorology and Climatology"
1961New Leader Prof. phil. W. Dammann (1961 - 1974)
1963Construction of the 50m measuring mast in Herrenhausen
1975New Leader Prof. Dr. R. Roth (1975-1999)
1979Appointment of Prof. Dr. D. Etling (Theoretical Meteorology)
1981Habilitation Dr. G. Tetzlaff
1980Integration of the Institute into the Department of Physics within the framework of the reorganization of the University
1988Habilitation Dr. C. Kottmeier
1990 Appointment of Prof. Dr. G. Groß (Environmental Meteorology)
1998Habilitation Dr. A. Muschinski
1998 Appointment of Prof. Dr. T. Hauf (General Meteorology)
2000 Appointment of Prof. Dr. G. Seckmeyer (Radiation), Construction of the radiation laboratory
2003Habilitation Dr. S. Raasch
2005Extension of the roof platform for Radiation Measurements
2008 Appointment of Dr. S. Raasch as "Außerplanmäßiger Professor" (Associate Professor)
2010Retirement Prof. Dr. D. Etling
2015 Retirement Prof. Dr. T. Hauf
2021Appointment of Prof. Dr. B. Maronga (Boundary-layer Meteorology and Urban Climate Modeling)