IndiAnaWind: Interdisciplinary analysis and optimisation of wind turbines and their components

The IndiAnaWind joint project led by Enercon brings together the disciplines of meteorology, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, structure, turbine control and terrain simulation to analyse and optimise wind turbines and their components.

An important technical working goal of the sub-project at the IMUK is to demonstrate the operational usability of a meteorological LES model for industrial site assessment in complex terrain under realistic meteorological conditions. In addition, the turbulence data generated by the LES model will serve as input data for CFD simulations of the turbine near-field.

Demonstrating the functionality of the model chain using a real setup is a major goal of the overall project. A further goal is the development of an interface for coupling the LES model with simple, parameterised WT models (actuator-disc, actuator-line), which are used by WT manufacturers for yield estimation. The LES model provides the wind field as a boundary condition to the WT model, and the WT model returns the impulse loss caused by the WT to the LES model, if applicable.