Multicopter Systeme (Drones)

For many meteorological questions, there is no substitute for an in situ measurement, i.e. on the spot. For this reason, small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are also useful in meteorology. Here, the photographic recording is less important than the undisturbed measurement of temperature, humidity and wind at different heights.

Meteocopter 1 (ALPHA)

The two terms meteorology and multicopter gave rise to the name Meteocopter.

This very large measuring system contains a measuring mast with temperature and humidity measurement above the air disturbed by the airflow of the rotors. It was designed to operate in adverse weather conditions and could even fly in the rain. The use of 8 rotors provides a large power reserve for heavy measuring devices for the measurement of trace gases or aprticula matter.

Meteocopter 2-5 (BRAVO-ECHO)

The large ALPHA system is too big and too heavy for many applications.

For standard measurements of temperature and humidity we use simple commercial multicopters which can also be repaired at our institute. These copters can also be equipped with a camera and/or an IR camera.